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Winterplay is a pop-jazz artist from South Korea currently consisting of one member: Juhan Lee as producer, songwriter and trumpet player. Winterplay debuted in 2007 and currently has 4 full albums out, with the last album titled, “Jazz Cookin’” 2019. Winterplay released his first album <Choco Snowball> in 2008. The hit single <Happy Bubble, 2008> ranked number one in all Korean Jazz Charts, and it stayed that way for almost a year, establishing Winterplay as a K-Pop artist.  <Hot Summerplay, 2009>, went GOLD DISC in the category of jazz in less than 6 months, making Winterplay the most recognizable pop jazz artist in Korea. Winterplay has received critical praise for being the first to lead the pop-jazz scene in Asia. In a 2012 magazine interview, he coined his music as K-Jazz, jazz with a Korean flavor.

By 2009, Winterplay singed an international distribution deal with Universal Music Japan Classics & Jazz.  Within one week of release, the 1st single in Japan, "Songs of Colored Love", hit Number 1 in both the ITunes Jazz Chart and Recochoku (Ringtone Ranking Site) Jazz Music Category.  No Korean jazz artist has ever achieved that status in Japan, and it allowed Winterplay to perform at Blue Note, Billboard Live and Mister Kelly's, just to name a few of the most prestigious clubs with regular performances by both jazz greats and current international pop artists.

The impressive sales performance and music production quality brought Winterplay to London for his first international release showcase in the fall of 2010.  Music Critic, Clive Davis, for the SUNDAY TIMES in United Kingdom gave a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.  He compared Winterplay to the American band "Pink Martini", and stated, ¡°The group showed innovative music that demolished the separation between jazz, pop, and lounge. In 2011 January issue of Financial Times, global trend setter and UK celebrity magazine's Editor in Chief of Monocle, Tyler Brûlé, listed Winterplay's Music on his Top 10 item, that should be exported worldwide from Korea. Winterplay has also been able to break through a tough music market usually dominated by K-Pop Idols, when speaking of Korean Artists in Hong Kong.  Winterplay's 2nd Album, <Sunshines, 2011>, made Number 1 Sales for Jazz Albums at the Hong Kong HMV record store and a GOLD DISC in the category of jazz. 

In 2013, Universal Music Hong Kong released <Two Fabulous Fools, 2013> in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Within one month of release, Winterplay ranked Number 1 in Jazz Albums Sales Chart and ranked TOP 34 in Total CD Sales for All Categories at the Hong Kong HMV Record Store for “Two Fabulous Albums”. In 2019, Winterplay released his 4th album titled <Jazz Cookin’>.  The album fuses 80’s style music in today’s sound with soulful song like “All About Love” and 80’s funk style song “Jazz Foo Foo”.

Winterplay’s latest jazz ballad, “Gganbu (067 & 240)” was inspired by Netflix Drama “Squid Games” featuring the Korean Instrument, Haegum.  On 2022 International Jazz Day, Winterplay was the Music Show Runner for the concert, which was funded by the City of Seoul.  In the 90-minute show, Winterplay hosted the show, performed, and directed over 30 jazz musicians in 4 different venues in the city of Seoul.



  • 2022.05 [Digital Single] - Gganbu (456&001)
  • 2022.04 [Digital Single] - Gganbu (067&240)
  • 2019.03 4th Album in Korea <Jazz Cookin'>
  • 2018.10 [Digital Single] - When Autumn Comes (feat.Sleepy (슬리피))
  • 2017.10 [Digital Single] - Es Tu Vida (feat.Grace)
  • 2016.06  [Digital Single] - Purple Rain
  • 2014.12  [Digital Single] - 하얀겨울
  • 2014.06  [Collaboration] - 42ND SUMMERPLAY<Dream Your Dream>
  • 2014.03  [Special] – 1.25 Miracle Music <One By One>
  • 2013.10 2nd Worldwide Release <Two Fabulous Fools> _ China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao
  • 2013.07 3rd Album in Korea <Two Fabulous Fools>
  • 2012.12 Digital Single Worldwide <Just This Christmas>
  • 2011.03 2nd Album in Hong Kong <Sunshines>
  • 2010.092nd Album in Korea <Touche Mon Amour>
  • 2010.08 1st Worldwide Release <Songs of Colored Love>
  • 2010.08 Digital Single Japan <Don’t Know Why>
  • 2010.02 2nd Album in Japan <Sunshines>
  • 2009.10 Digital Single Japan <Gypsy Girl>
  • 2009.08 Digital Single Japan <Billie Jean>
  • 2009.07 1st Album in Japan <Songs of Colored Love>
  • 2009.07 Summer Special <Hot Summerplay>
  • 2009.04 Roy Orbison Tribute Album - Remake of "You Got It" <Under the Covers>
  • 2008.11 Repackaged 1st Album <Happy Snow Bubble>
  • 2008.09 Digital Single Korea <Happy Bubble>
  • 2008.01 1st Album in Korea <Choco Snow Ball>


  • 2015.04  [OST] MBC Drama <앵그리맘> OST
  • 2014.06  [OST] JTBC Drama <유나의 거리> OST2 – ‘함정’
  • 2014.04  [CF] Hyundai Card “옛날엔 그랬지” TV Commercial
  • 2013.06 [OST] JTBC Drama <War of the Flowers> OST - '꽃 그림자'
  • 2010.08 [COMPILATION] Myung Film Anniversary Album - 'As Time Goes By'
  • 2010.07 [CF] Woongjin water purifier "Coway" TV Commercial
  • 2010.05 [CF] Samsung Washing Machine "Hauzen Bubble Echo" TV Commercial
  • 2009.12 [COMPILATION] Youngseok Yu 20th Anniversary Album - '꿈에서 본 거리'
  • 2009.11 [MOVIE] <How to Lose Friends> - Korean Music Video tie up with the song 'Men Are No Good'
  • 2009.10 [COMPILATION] Fantastic Friends (Seunghwan Lee 20th Anniversary Album) - '텅 빈 마음'
  • 2009.09 [MOVIE] <Hello My Friend> -  Korean Music Video tie up with the song 'Cha Cha'
  • 2009.07 [MOVIE] <Take Off> OST - 'Scandalizing Me'
  • 2009.07 [MOVIE] <Five Sense of Eros> - Korean Music Video Tie up with the song 'Crazy Love'
  • 2009.06 [COMPILATION] 7년간의 사랑(Yeongseok Yu 20th Anniversary Album Part.1) - '꿈에서 본 거리'
  • 2008.08 [CF] Samsung Washing Machine TV Commercial "Hauzen Bubble" - Song titled 'Happy Bubble'
  • 2008.03 [OST] MBC Drama <Who are you?> Guest Appearance and Title song - 'Who Are You?'


  • 2016.05 GREENPLUGGED SEOUL  @ Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul 
  • 2014.04 Winterplay Concert "NONSTOP JAZZ FEVER" @ LG Art Center
  • 2013.12 Winterplay Snow Bubble Concert @ Dream Forest Arts Center
  • 2013.11 Winterplay S.T.L. Floating Concert Vol. 1 @ Tritaniaho Cruise Ship in Yoido, Seoul
  • 2013.09 Picnic Concert - 소소한 가을소풍 @ Bupyeong Arts Center
  • 2013.08 Naver <Open Jazz Bus> @ Seoul City Tour Bus
  • 2013.08 Chilpo 6th International Jazz Festival in Korea
  • 2013.07 Winterplay 3rd Album Showcase @ Olleh Square
  • 2013.02 Live Box vol.4 @ Megabox COEX
  • 2012.12 2012 GAC Concert @ Gangdong Art Center
  • 2012.08 SUVAC Project 'Jackie Kwak+Winterplay' @ Dream Forest Arts Center
  • 2012.08 Winterplay Hello Again Concert @ Evans Lounge
  • 2011.08 2011 4th Daegu International Jazz Festival
  • 2011.07 아침음악나들이3 - Winterplay @ Goyang 어울림 Theater
  • 2010.12 REAL LIVE Winterplay Concert @ Seoul Art Center Jayu Theater
  • 2009.12 REAL LIVE Winterplay Concert @ Fashion Center Event Hall
  • 2009.10 2009 MAC Jazz Festival @ Mapo Art Center Art Hall MAC
  • 2009.09 Winterplay One Last Summer @ Daehak-Ro Culture Center
  • 2009.09 Korea, Japan Tour Concert @ Olympic Park 88 Lake Waterside Stage
  • 2009.03 REAL LIVE Winterplay Concert @ Seoul Art Center Jayu Theater
  • 2008.12 REAL LIVE Winter Therapy Winterplay @ Fashion Center Event Hall
  • 2008.09 REAL LIVE Winterplay Concert @ Baekam Art Hall
  • 2008.03 Winterplay Concert @ Fashion Center Event Hall


  • 2013.12 TVB JSG(Jade Solid Gold) Music Marathon 2013  @ Hong Kong
  • 2012.12 Winterplay Live In Hong Kong @ Hong Kong
  • 2011.09 Japan Sunset Live Festival @ Japan
  • 2011.08 Japan Hayama Tribute to Bill Evans @ Japan
  • 2011.07 Sapporo International Jazz Festival @ Japan
  • 2011.05 Hong Kong Summer Jazz Festival 2011 @ Hong Kong
    – 2 Shows at Jockey Hong Kong Polytechnic University in one day with 8pm, 1200 seat sold out per
  • 2011.03 Mister Kelley’s @ Osaka
  • 2011.03「Spring Tour in Japan 2011」 @ Toured 13 cities in Japan from North to South
  • 2010.11 JZ Brat Jazz Club @ Tokyo
  • 2010.11 Tour in Japan <Scene of Winter> @ Sendai, Iwaki, Kanai, Tokyo, Osaka, Shimonoseki
  • 2010.09 Worldwide Release Party and Showcase in London @ England
  • 2010.09 Thames Festival Concert @ England
  • 2010.09 Japan Kanazawa Jazz Festival @ Japan
  • 2010.09 Live Tour in Japan @ Blues Alley Tokyo
  • 2010.09 Live Tour in Japan @ Blue Note Nagoya
  • 2009.11 Billboard Live Concert in Japan @ Tokyo, @Osaka
  • 2009.09 Korea Philippines 60 Years Friendship Concert in Manila @ Philippines
  • 2009.06 1st Showcase in Japan @ Rolling Stone in Roppongi, Tokyo
  • 2008.10 Tokyo Asia Music Market Representing Korea @ Japan
Trumpet & Producer

Juhan Lee

His father's diplomatic career, led him to travel all over the world since the young age of 3 months.  He picked up the trumpet in Iran at age 11. By the age of 13, he was part of a latin funk band in Suriname, called "Thalamus".  Following his father’s wishes, he graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from University of Washington, but could never give up playing the trumpet.  He came back to Korea in his mid 20's to pursue his music dreams by starting to play at every jazz club he could sit in.  Eventually forming his own jazz bands, and making a name for himself as trumpet player, bandleader and jazz activist.

In less than 3 years after coming to a country he had hardly lived all his life, he released his 1st Jazz album titled "Intuition" in 1995.  Currently, he has released 4 solo albums to date.   He dominated the music scene through radio shows, prime time TV music specials, original soundtracks and Korean pop artist's albums with his trumpet playing for almost a decade.

Known as the “Little Giant”, he paved the way for many young jazz musicians by contributing time and effort to the cause of jazz education.  In 1998, he created JAAK (Jazz Artist’s Association of Korea) to act as a union for jazz musicians.   But his passion for appreciating and playing all genres of music led him to unite both the best selling Korean pop artist and most influential Jazz Artist to create a unique concert titled "10+1" in 1999.  The concert featured 5 pop artist and 5 jazz pianist for a 20 song concert, with Juhan being the trumpet player for all songs.  The concert was raved by both the critics and audiences as being one of the most exciting concerts in Korean music history in the last decade.

In his pursuit of making jazz music more popular to the public, he invested more time into producing records, producing concerts and writing songs.  The 5 years he concentrated on these platforms eventually led him to creating WINTERPLAY in 2007.


2008 – Winterplay
2003 – Nouveau Son
2002 – Miles Song Book
2001 – 10+1
1996 – Ginseng Funk
1995 – Intuition


Recording Artist


Shin Seung Hoon, Loveholic, Kim Hyun Chul, Lee Moon Sae, Lee So Ra, Kangta, Exhibition, Position, Eruma, Kafka, Yoon Sang and more

Hip Hop and R&B

DJ DOC, Bobby Kim, Dynamic Duo, Windy City, Asoto Union, JK Kim Dong Wook, MC Sniper, Park Hyun Jung, and more


Clazziquai, Chakra, Park Jin Young, Baby Vox

Major Television & Radio Broadcast Appearances

ARIRANG “Music Access" - Radio DJ (2012-13)
EBS “Some Jazz with Some English" - Radio DJ (2009)
MBC Annual Film Awards - Main Performance (2006)
ARIRANG "Jazz After Hours" - Radio DJ (2005-06)
EBS International Documentary Festival - Closing Ceremony (2005)
KBS Classical Odyssey Program - Featured Artist (2002, 2003)
MBC <It's A Good Evening> - Band Leader (1996-97)
MBC <Evening Art Show> - Regular Performer (1994-97)


Original Soundtrack Recordings & TV Drama

Miracle (2007)
The Host (2006)
Pounds Beauty (2006)
The Duelist (2005)
Purpose of Love (2005)
Breakout (2002)
My Beautiful Girl, Mari (2001)
A Higher Animal (2000)
SBS TV Drama <Do you Know Jazz?> (1999)


Cameo Appearances on Film and TV Drama

MBC TV Drama <Who Are You> (2008) – Episode 2
KBS TV Drama <Winter Sonata> (2002) – Episode 9
Piano Playing President – Film
Soo - Film

Concerts and Festivals

Jarasum International Jazz Festival
Eugene Jazz Festival (Oregon, USA)
10+1 Concert Tour
Busan International Film Festival
Asiana International Shortfilm Festival - Main Opening


Concert Producer / Director

Lee Byeong Woo Guitar & Orchestra Concert (2007)
– Concert Producer and Promoter
Yang Dong Goon Hip Hop Concert Tour (2007)
– Music Director
Noh Young Shim Piano Christmas Concert (2001-03)
– Music Director
Uljin Jazz Festival (1998-99)
– Executive Producer and Music Director